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​Post-operative care

Patients will go through a period of treatment and recovery after surgery. The professional team can help patients with short-term/long-term wound treatment, food preparation, and assisted mobility to help patients recover faster.

​Service object:

Fractures, paralyzed patients, joint/hip replacement surgery, tumor removal, plastic surgery, eye laser surgery or other vision treatments, etc.

Service scope:

Assist patients with toileting, bathing, eating, performing/assisting rehabilitation exercises, holding, transferring patients, pain care, accompanying follow-up visits, wound care, planning and preparing meals, etc.

Care plan:
Provide home care services by caregivers, health workers, registered nurses or registered nurses based on patient care needs

walker senior patient

職業治療師 (OT)

利用活動和嶄新的療法幫助各類病患者防止、減少或克服障礙。治療師會先檢測和診斷患者的問題,再根據患者的病歷及身體狀況去制訂個人化的治療方案,以不同方法, 包括:感覺統合治療、復康支架、懷緬治療、行為認知治療、記憶、專注力、感知訓練、家居環境改裝等​,以配合他們生活上之各種需要協助、使他們能過著獨立及有意義的生活。



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