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​Post-operative care

Patients will go through a period of treatment and recovery after surgery. The professional team can help patients with short-term/long-term wound treatment, food preparation, and assisted mobility to help patients recover faster.

​Service object:

Fractures, paralyzed patients, joint/hip replacement surgery, tumor removal, plastic surgery, eye laser surgery or other vision treatments, etc.

Service scope:

Assist patients with toileting, bathing, eating, performing/assisting rehabilitation exercises, holding, transferring patients, pain care, accompanying follow-up visits, wound care, planning and preparing meals, etc.

Care plan:
Provide home care services by caregivers, health workers, registered nurses or registered nurses based on patient care needs

walker senior patient

物理治療師 (PT)



職業治療師 (OT)


治療師先檢測和診斷患者的問題,再根據患者的病歷及身體狀況去制訂個人化的治療方案,以不同方法, 包括:感覺統合治療復康支架懷緬治療、行為認知治療、記憶、專注力、感知訓練、家居環境改裝等​,以配合他們生活上之各種需要協助他們重返家庭、工作崗位及社區生活、使他們能過著獨立及有意義的生活。


言語治療師 (ST)


治療師會建議及設計針對性的輔助溝通工具及家居訓練, 包括:語言理解及語言表達能力訓練口部肌能訓練聲線訓練社交溝通能力訓練發音訓練等。

Caregiver/Personal Care Worker (PCW)*

It can remind you to take medicine, feed, change diapers, take a shower, simple stretching exercises, hold, measure vital signs and simple cooking and other daily care.

*Caregiver service starts from 4 hours

Health worker (HW)#

In addition to covering the scope of nursing care services, health nurses can also provide professional care, such as urine bag care, wound care, insulin injection (diabetic injection), colostomy care and other services.

​#Health nurse service starts from 4 hours



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