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Catheter Care PEG Care 

Need help with catheter care and insertion? Our team of home nurses at Homage can help with catheter insertion and care, as well as changing, emptying and cleaning of urine collection bag.

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) is commonly used for individuals who have difficulty with oral feeding or meeting their daily nutritional needs. Need help with PEG feeding? Contact our team to perform the procedure today!

PEG Tube Care Services:

  • Attentive management, regular maintenance, and expert support.

  • Prioritizes comfort and well-being throughout the care journey.

  • Emphasizes personalized care, understanding unique needs and preferences.

nurse and patient

Urethral Drainage Care Services:

  • Expert care in managing and maintaining urinary catheters.

  • Ensures comfort and hygiene for individuals requiring this medical intervention.

  • Provides attentive and compassionate support, addressing unique needs throughout their care.

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