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24-hour home support service

Take care of your love


Our Services

Choose the most suitable service according to your needs to provide on-site private nursing and elderly care services. Our different types of home care solutions can ensure that everything meets your needs, so that family members can receive the best care services and live more independent and dignified lives.

patient caregiver
Nurse provides professional throat care to patient
The attendant is escorting the elderly to follow-up consultation
nursing staff and patients
Sputum pumping/patting sputum
wound care
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Medical staff and patients

How to choose the service?

For enquiry, please fill out the form ​, and our professional team will contact you as soon as possible to learn more about the situation of the care recipients and provide you with suitable solutions.

We will contact you as soon as possible!

Why choose Azure Healhcare?

We are constantly improving, and we only wish to be your strongest backing, and we can fully match the private care clothes you need, and fit your needs and itinerary.

​ Express Matching Manpower

24 hour hotline

Rapid Response to Manpower Emergencies

Evaluation System

In the face of sudden manpower needs, a large and professional medical team will arrange for appropriate nursing staff to provide them within 15 minutes at the earliest, and we will be your strongest backing to solve the urgent needs.

Professional Nursing Team

Follow up

Azure Nursing is composed of a group of professional and enthusiastic medical staff,Provide one-stop rehabilitation, nursing and home care services. All medical staff meet the relevant professional qualifications and have been strictly selected to give you peace of mind and peace of mind.

Each customer has an exclusive customer service colleague and consultant to follow up your case, adhere to a professional, sincere and pragmatic attitude and style to provide each customer with a comprehensive and high-quality medical care plan, and find the most suitable nursing staff.

​Service  is  controllable

Knowing that the situation of family members may change, we can provide long-term and short-term home care or private nursing services, and can freely adjust the requirements of nursing services. We can cooperate at any time, so that family members can handle other affairs with peace of mind, so as to reduce the pressure brought by life.

Why choose home care services?


Compared with the traditional way of nursing services in nursing homes and medical institutions, most prefer to enjoy the nursing services at home because the environment is more comfortable.

more flexible schedule
Reduce the inconvenience caused by traffic
Taking Care of Plants_edited.jpg
Enjoy nursing services in the comfort of your home, providing a more familiar and relaxing setting compared to traditional nursing homes and medical institutions.
Have control over your care with the flexibility to tailor services according to your specific needs.
Enjoy a time-flexible schedule that accommodates your lifestyle, allowing for personalized and convenient care.
Family member can know the condition of the care recipient immediately 
Eliminate the inconvenience caused by traffic, making the caregiving process smoother and stress-free.
Immediate Family Awareness
Keep family members informed about the patient's condition in real-time, fostering immediate communication and support.
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