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Post-Surgery Support

Our post-surgery support services aim to facilitate a smooth recovery process, offering assistance with wound care, meal preparation, and mobility aids to enhance your healing journey.

Comprehensive Care:

Experience comprehensive care after surgery with our team of professionals, who are dedicated to providing specialized support, including wound management, rehabilitation exercises, and personalized assistance with daily activities.

Tailored for Recovery:

Whether recovering from fractures, paralysis, joint/hip replacement surgery, or other surgical interventions, our targeted services encompass toileting assistance, bathing, rehabilitation exercises, pain management, and more to cater to your unique recovery needs.


Support at Every Step:

From accompanying you to follow-up appointments to helping with everyday tasks like meal planning and preparation, our post-surgery support services are designed to be there for you at every step of your healing process.

Professional Nursing Programs:

Choose from our range of nursing programs, providing personalized in-home care with skilled professionals such as Personal Care Workers, Health Care Workers, Enrolled Nurses, or Registered Nurses, ensuring that your specific care needs are met with expertise and compassion.

The Personal Care Worker (PCW) plays a crucial role, encompassing responsibilities such as:

Monitoring and communicating the individual's condition

Escorting the patient to hospitals and clinics

Assisting with personal hygiene and showering

Offering meals and facilitating other health and wellness activities.

Health Worker (HW) Services:

In addition to the services offered by Personal Care Workers, Health Workers provide specialized professional care, including wound care, continence & catheter support, diabetes care, colostomy care, and dementia care.

Enrolled / Registered Nurse ( EN / RN )

Both Registered Nurses (RNs) and Enrolled Nurses (ENs) play pivotal roles within the healthcare team. They are integral in assessing, planning, delivering, and evaluating care for individuals facing acute, chronic, and complex health conditions.

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